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Procrastination is putting off wellness

There should be no reason to put off doing something about procrastination. We all know the old saying “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today”.

Nearly everybody admits to procrastinating at some time or even a lot of the time. Sometimes procrastination can be the result of a mental health problem. Depression is sadly one of the most common mental health problems we face these days. When a person experiences depression it can sometimes be in a way that makes them unable to do anything or have no interest in any activities. Depression can also bring feelings of helplessness too, so any activities seem pointless.

Procrastinating over taking some action to improve our mental health is another instance when putting things off is unhelpful. Sometimes it is a simple as finding it difficult to admit to having a having a problem. But depression and other mental health problems are becoming better understood and the stigma surrounding acknowledging that we may have them is is lessening. Procrastinating might be sign of not wanting to take the first step toward action. At Retreat South, making you as comfortable and welcome as possible is our goal. Helping you towards taking that first step is as important to us as every other step you take on the path to recovery.

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