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Recovery from the Pandemic

The pandemic has caused some major changes to the way we live and caused some major changes to our mental health too.  Lockdowns and restrictions on our social lives have been tough going for so many people.

In recent months the gradual uptake of vaccinations means an end in sight to lockdowns and other restrictions.  With achievable vaccination rates in the Australian population, restrictions can be relaxed on a more permanent basis.

Australians are eagerly watching other countries and how the pandemic is fading. The prospect of people being able to get out and out and about again by the end of 2021 is taking a lot of stress out of our lives and instilling a feeling of hope.

Lockdowns came suddenly, making us change how we go about our lives and adapting to living and working inside. As we emerge from the necessity of lockdowns, we can do so in steps if we need and plan gradual returns to normality.

Although lockdowns had many downsides, they gave many of us some advantages when working remotely. Flexible working hours, wearing informal clothing, even loungewear, eating at home, more time with family, more recreation time and no commuting time, even more sleep time.

Returning to the workplace will mean losing all of these. Significant changes like children returning to school and less contact time as parents return to workplaces will cause anxiety and sadness in being separated from children, partners and family.

As the effects of the COVID pandemic impacted on us, the use of alcohol and other substances began to increase to help deal with the stress of the situation.

More and more people began drinking or increasing their alcohol intake during COVID. Now with recovery from COVID in sight, recovery from dependency is becoming an issue for many.

We hope that these posts will help people understand the many mental health issues caused by the pandemic and the recovery process we will encounter as we progress into ‘Covid Normal.’

Retreat South is an accredited facility specialising in the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD and grief. We also specialise in recovery from substance abuse. Call us now to find out more about how our programs can help you.

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