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Small Business Owners and Mental Health

Being a small business owner can be stressful. Call it ‘executive stress’ but that stress can be anxiety and even depression and not be as easy to overcome as your other business problems.

Starting and running your own business can be a great opportunity letting you work at something you love but it also means long hours, financial stress and many other responsibilities which may effect your mental health.  Small business owners face many challenges including financial stress from unpaid invoices and irregular client load, long working hours and few holidays or time off for relaxation or illness. Sometimes the pressure means less time to spend with family or friends as well. While bigger businesses have programmes to help managers and staff, the programmes that benefit employees in a large organisation may not work for smaller or single person run businessess. And small business owners often have nothing in place for their own well being.

In Australia, most businesses are small business, employing up to 19 staff. Even more are single person run businesses which range from building contractors, finacial and accounting services to online retailers. With so many small businesses out there, if your mental health is affected then you will certainly not be alone.

Because running your own business is a challenge and there is always a certain amount of of stress involved, you might think that stress can be managed along with the business. You can recognise the signs of stress and other mental health  problems and take definite steps to help yourself but you may feel you need to find some outside help.

No two people are the same so no two businesses will be the same and, like a business, there are no same solutions in helping its owner with mental health problems. At Retreat South tailor a treatment program to suit your needs and to address your lifestyle and the stressors that cause you to seek treatment. Talk to us about the range of treatments and supporting practices we offer to help you find the best way to help you on the road to recovery.

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