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The benefit of a retreat for NDIS respite

During the COVID-enforced lockdowns and restrictions faced by health and other support services, NDIS participants, like any other individuals avoided or were unable to attend medical and other supports. NDIS coordinators and personal carers were relied on to a greater degree during this time.

NDIS can provide funding for short-term accommodation (STA), including respite, when an NDIS participant needs to live away from their usual residence for a short period. This gives them and their family or carers a short break from their caring role.

Retreat South specialises in short-term accommodation and respite. And as a wellness retreat, we provide an ideal break from daily stressors. Located in the idyllic countryside, the location was chosen and designed to promote physical and mental health. The country location and landscape promote calmness and restfulness.

The calm surroundings help process therapy. And free from distractions you can reflect and reconnect with yourself away from daily stressors. We provide individual accommodation, meal
preparation, and a range of daily activities. The positive experience and benefits of a retreat can last for years. Recent studies consider the benefits can last five years or more.

Yoga and Meditation
Because the benefits of yoga are so well known, during the lockdowns yoga became a popular exercise that people could do at home to support their physical and mental health. Retreat South offers yoga and meditation as part of your daily program. Our experienced practitioner will work individually with you so that your daily yoga will be as gentle as required to suit your own pace and growth.

Arts, Crafts and Music
In our fully equipped ceramics and art studio participants can explore a range of creative activities like pottery, painting, crafts, and music. Our nutritionist can even help you explore healthy eating options.

Connecting with Nature
Most of all, we want you to use your respite to take the best advantage of our unique surroundings and connect to the natural environment. As with yoga, there are well-established physical and mental health benefits that come from connecting with nature. Our team is trained in specialised therapies that can maximise your time away from busy city life, and work with the natural surroundings to benefit emotional regulation and mood, and outlook.

We have a special page to help you organise your NDIS STA respite at Retreat South. You can also give us a call with any questions you have about our respite and other programs.