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The risks of alcohol misuse

New research from the Australian Alcohol and Drug Foundation reveals that one in five Australians ignore the harmful effects of alcohol. Young people especially remain unaware of the multiple risks associated with alcohol misuse.

More than half of the 1000 Australians polled by the foundation in May 2021 did not know what a standard drink was, and most were unsure or only had some idea of the recommended alcohol consumption guidelines per day or week.

The National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines recommend 10 or fewer standard drinks a week and no more than 4 standard drinks in one day to reduce the risk of injury, accidents or the potential for addiction.

With over 20 per cent of Australians not associating any harm with drinking alcohol, the Foundation’s conclusions are worrying.  A particular concern is that young Australians are at risk of long-term effects which will impact on their lives and continue to put pressure on exiting health services and specialised services dealing with alcohol misuse and other substance dependencies.

The Pandemic is thought to have been a significant contributor to the alarming attitude to alcohol and its effects. Australians spent over 15 billion dollars on alcohol last year, an increase of close to 27 percent compared to 2019.

If a people continue to drink and risky levels, they run the risk of physical illness such as cancer and also the risk of becoming addicted.

Drinking at any level contains some risk.  If you think alcohol misuse is a problem, you can seek treatment. Our team at Retreat South are skilled professionals in this area. You can contact us to discuss how we can provide a program to help you.

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